Daniels First Fish
Here's a Scrapbook page made for a good friend
What a fabulous photo it catches the moment so well....

Photo taken by Proud Grandad after Daniel bags his first big catch....

Belgium 2011

Here you will find my Scrapbook Pages from our trip to Belgium in December 2012. It was our christmas present to each other and with a little help from our friends it was the most wonderful time
we travelled over by ferry on the sunday morning and returned in the middle of the week.  I used the Serif Craft Artist to do the layouts and pages I hope you like them

Our Hotel that faced the bell tower that stood on market Square

we didnt realise the breakfast at the hotel was extra at £17.50 per person, so after the first morning we found this lovely little bistro just round the corner and got our breakfast  and coffees there for the rest of our trip

Sight-seeing round the Town was easy you just hailed a carriage..

The square at night

The whole town is filled with Chocolate, Lace and Toy shops

More Chocolate and lace, one of the parasols had to come home with me

Each year Belgium plays host to the Ice and Snow Festival where Artists and Scuptures
 come and carve this wonderful creations this years theme was disney. I'll standing at the foot of the steps that lead to the gaint ice slide and yes of course I had to have a go

The fabulous creations in Ice, there were 3 buildings the size of warehouses full of these figures

You will find a thousand different beers and ales under one roof be careful not to lose your husbands in here it takes forever to find them again!!

The market square is filled with resterants and bars to visit

Merry Christmas from Belgium

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