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Tadworth Children's hospital Toy Run

Dec 2012

Every year motorcyclists/bikers get together and ride through the streets of Surrey to deliver toys and gifts to the local hospitals and children's homes , the kids love to see the bikes and the bikers get a chance to show off their softer sides and of course show off  their motorcycles and everyone has a great time.  This year my husband and I rode on 2 Toyruns , one local to us organised by the girls and boys at Phoenix motorcycle training in New Addington and one down at Bolney outside brighton in Sussex. Most bikers love any opportunity to dress up silly and show off and this week was no exception!! So if you happened to be out at the weekend shopping and you saw Santa riding down your high street , shortly followed by a spotted Reindeer , a dinosaur or even Elvis, now you know why!!

 Here are some of our photos......


Bolney to Gatwick Toyrun for Childrens Trust December 2012










2010 Oxted Carnival Day

A few people have asked about this photo that I have on my home page, it was taken on the 4th of June 2010 myself and my friends from the virago star owners club (motorcycle club) were helping raise money for charity at the Oxted Village Carnival. It was a fabulous day, over a dozen motorbikes joined a parade of 60 vechicles, dressed to the gills with tinsal and balloons and  rode round the surrey village for an hour, flanked by the girl guides marching behind and a really annoying clown in a clown car in front. we then parked on the village green and joined the rest of the communtity at the village fayre

The theme for the carnival was television adverts so we decided to go with the 'Think bike, Think biker' was a no brainer really, and thats why we have our names over the bikes and yes hubby and I are known by all our friends as 'Rosie and Jim' ( and no, we dont live on a barge called the old rag doll!!) here they are outside a friends house getting their finishing touches put on
That's me by the way on the end bike (Above right) in a very un-sexy hi-viz jacket, that all disappeared when  we were riding in the carnival, riding at 3 mph in the mid day sun middle of summer is not recommanded, the jacket soon came off as well as the helmet,  even the bikes were over heating as they were not designed to go this slow...

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