Friday, 27 April 2012

Spring Weddings

Morning Everybody

Well its raining again, hope the girls from J&C Creations dont get too wet, they are at Sheppton Mallet today attending the Stitch & Creative Crafts event. If you are going, do drop by and have a look at all the lovely craft goodies including the new Stampendous Fran-tage Essentials demonstrated recently on Create & Craft TV which are proving to be very popular.  They will be there today and up until the 29th April
All their products can also be ordered from the  website or by phone on 01622 729154

Its been raining here for the last 4 days now , and not your usual April showers either, more like monsoon weather, The pets are bored and don't want to leave the sancuary of their nice dry home and have taken to taking turns in chasing each other round the house to kill the boredom. I, on the other hand have been beavering away in my craft room/loft and stamping, embosssing and creating to my hearts content . only stopping for 10 mins after a text from a friend asking for large wedding cards as someone at work is taking the plunge. This is a regular thing as all my friends know I sell my cards at Summer Craft fayres to feed for my crafty habit, and Its not usual to get a text saying 'Help!!!Rosie I forgot its So-n-So's birthday , can you do me a card for Tomorrow pls.....

Luckily I had a few to choose from and thought you may like to take a look ,most were constructed using the spellbinders and the Cuttlebug. the one above was made from some pink and Silver cardstock punched on the corners with a Martha Stewart punch called string lace lattice, and layered onto a white aperture card. I have used a holograpic pattened acetate I found at a craft fayre in the aperture and mounted the hearts and bells on to it.  The hearts were cut out on my cricut using the Sweethearts cartridge,as were the bells. The butterflies were some Hunky Dory pink foiled card Cut out using a Martha Stewart Punch and then layered onto silver holograghic silver card butterflie shapes Slightly bigger and then finished with a banner top and bottom from spellbinders added some peel off sentiments and a few pearls at the bottom. An easy card to make have that looks beautiful, so I'm told
This card was made the same way as for the pink card and but I changed the look by adding a silver shadow to the banners and adding an extra layer on the base. The butterflies were cut out of an  older marianne die, (Time to treat myself to some new ones, me thinks) and then I used a ordinary hole punch to get the circles on them. I also added some yellow gems to create a body on them

 here are a two others to check out, hope you are inspired by them

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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Early starts and rude awakenings

 Early Starts and rude awakenings
Today started at 5.30am like most mornings do nowadays, and though I promised myself I would roll over and go back to sleep of course it didn't happen, the cat was been incredibly vocal as it's  hungry and the husband was been even more vocal complaining about the cat been vocal !!!!.It was never destined to be. eventually they both left the bedroom and I gave going back to the land of nod a second try. it didn't happen. So after hearing the grumble of hubby's Yamaha disappear in the distance (I can hear him from the bedroom window as he drives pass the house) I chose to bite the bullet and get up. Anyway I should get up now that I'm gainfully employed and back on the treadmill again (not literally that's still standing in the corner of the bedroom doubling up as a clothes horse and collecting dust!!) So with a 'hi-ho hi-ho its off to work I go.....' and off I went . all the way to the dining room to the PC . fabulous, first day at work and I'm early .
Today is a new beginning as today I officially start work on J & C Creations  Design team. I'm really proud to have been accepted and hope they like what they see, I'm a terrible critic of my own work  second only to my daughters who don't believe in sparing the rod when it comes to pointing out when I go wrong. anyway here are a few cards that I have put together for them using their wonderful products. I hope you like them. most of the products used to make them can be found on  J & C Creations website and if you fancy having a go at making one yourself, all the instructions and inspiration can be found on their blog the card above I call 'if friends were flowers' and is a combination of spellbinders , stamping and paper flowers and  the one below 'special couple' is a mixture of pink and white card stock cleverly cut with spellbinders dies and lovingly embossed by the cuttle bug
looking forward to getting stuck in to making samples up in the future, already have a jiffy bag full for express delivery tomorrow. So best get upstairs to bed as its nearly midnight and the cat is already planning a full on strike to see who's going to get the privilege of feeding her breakfast tomorrow ....


Sunday, 22 April 2012

Rainy Sunday Afternoons...

So its piddling down outside, the cats curled up by the fire , the dogs sulking because he's been ousted to the corner of the rug and lost the prime spot and I'm here in front of my Pc again , so I thought as theres not a lot going on this afternoon I'd pop on some of my favourite cards for you to check out , here's just a few that make me smile.  Anniversary cards for old friends and new, a mothers day card for a friend mum and some wedding cards to sell at the country Fayre's we visit on hot summer weekends.

 Today is nothing like those days in June with its thundery outbursts and ridiculous winds, Mother nature determined to remove our recently erected new fences taken down by her last hissy-fit. This time last week we were sitting on the grass  eating chicken salad, chilling in the sunshine  and watching the bravest (and some say the maddest of them all) young men that ride in the British super bikes tearing round Thuxton race circuit at 150 mph . Sadly today its cold, wet and miserable outside, still that means more time to blog and craft and relax with a piping hot coffee and a packet of chocci biccies  (low- cal of course)
These are some baby bits I remember putting together in 2010, the Princess Pram is from the Arty Farty  range and took all day as i wanted it to look just right , theres lots of pink lace and white pearl centura A3 card  in that project, and the cricut was out for the lettering on the top and for the baby grows and text on the card above.  luckily they're waterproof as I was told the babies mum was overwhelmed when she saw it  and sobbed uncontrollably.( probably more to do with hormones, bless her) I see the twins on a regular basis and they are truly bonnie little ladies now

This card i just love, it was very easy to make I used a spellbinders die to cut out the large flower in parchment paper and then embossed it though the cuttlebug and a little punch for the smaller ones, a sprinkling of holographic glitter on top to finish. I punched some silver leaves out with a martha stewart punch and added a few border leaf peel offs. The bible is the tiny book in the centre of the glitter girls Bookatrix and the doves came from the cricut Sweethearts-Cartridge  . All based on a cream aperture card it really works for me. it's one of those cards  (and I'm sure I'm not alone on this )  that after its made, you just like too much to give away. theres just something I love about it, Don't get me wrong I'm not religious in any way shape or form, it fact it has been know to thunder and lightning when  I step in to churches so I tend to steer clear.  No I think its just cause its clean, crisp and to the point. I think when this one go's, it will be to someone very special to me until then I think I'll just hang on to this one a little longer....
Anyway the rain has finally stopped and the sun is now shining so I'm off out for a lemonade with friends and to catch up on all the latest gossip xx

Trinket Box

 Trinket Box

Heres a Trinket Box I made last week ,  A small  chest-like wooden box can be found at most HobbyCraft stores , Think I picked this one up from the Craft barn in Lingfield for a few pounds . I glued on very small googly eyes for the rivets, (they are the perfect size for this and cheap as chips) and then covered the lid in a white Acrylic base coat . The rest of the box was done is a metallic licac paint and then the whole thing was sprayed with Crafters Companion multicolour glitter vanish. The frame was 4 die cut corners in silver foil 250gsm card and then I just decorated with paper flowers and pearls with a silver butterfly in the centre, this was made from the waste of a  butterfly peel-off, lifted with masking tape and then stuck onto acetate, I think it came out pretty good and cost less than a fiver to make x

I don't normally do boxes  but think for a first attempt this came out well. If you like what I do please leave comments as it's great to get feedback on my work x

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Hi there
Welcome to my blog
 I hope you enjoy my cards as much as I enjoy making them . This is a favorite of mine, made for a friends mother last month. she was chuffed to pieces as she fosters a little hog like the image on the card, Arrr Bless, how cute is he x