Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Early starts and rude awakenings

 Early Starts and rude awakenings
Today started at 5.30am like most mornings do nowadays, and though I promised myself I would roll over and go back to sleep of course it didn't happen, the cat was been incredibly vocal as it's  hungry and the husband was been even more vocal complaining about the cat been vocal !!!!.It was never destined to be. eventually they both left the bedroom and I gave going back to the land of nod a second try. it didn't happen. So after hearing the grumble of hubby's Yamaha disappear in the distance (I can hear him from the bedroom window as he drives pass the house) I chose to bite the bullet and get up. Anyway I should get up now that I'm gainfully employed and back on the treadmill again (not literally that's still standing in the corner of the bedroom doubling up as a clothes horse and collecting dust!!) So with a 'hi-ho hi-ho its off to work I go.....' and off I went . all the way to the dining room to the PC . fabulous, first day at work and I'm early .
Today is a new beginning as today I officially start work on J & C Creations  Design team. I'm really proud to have been accepted and hope they like what they see, I'm a terrible critic of my own work  second only to my daughters who don't believe in sparing the rod when it comes to pointing out when I go wrong. anyway here are a few cards that I have put together for them using their wonderful products. I hope you like them. most of the products used to make them can be found on  J & C Creations website and if you fancy having a go at making one yourself, all the instructions and inspiration can be found on their blog the card above I call 'if friends were flowers' and is a combination of spellbinders , stamping and paper flowers and  the one below 'special couple' is a mixture of pink and white card stock cleverly cut with spellbinders dies and lovingly embossed by the cuttle bug
looking forward to getting stuck in to making samples up in the future, already have a jiffy bag full for express delivery tomorrow. So best get upstairs to bed as its nearly midnight and the cat is already planning a full on strike to see who's going to get the privilege of feeding her breakfast tomorrow ....


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  1. Congratulations on the new job. These cards are absolutely gorgeous.


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