Saturday, 31 May 2014

Here comes the bride - Silhouette Portait

As many of you know back in March I celebrated my 50th birthday and my lovely hubby throw me a party no mean feat as he normally has trouble organising his sock drawer anyway he didn't have time to find me that prefect present, bless him and so we agreed when there was something I fancied he would treat me. Well last week there was something I fancied!!

 The Silhouette cameo and portrait cutting machine has been around for a while now but I wasn't sure if I could justify another cutting machine after buying the Cricut and Gypsy 3 years ago. Alas I think the damp from being in the loft last winter has rhubarbed the gypsy' wiring and now it refuses to work properly, I still have the Cricut cartridges so I can still use them in the big machine but its limited so long story short Paul treated me to the Silhouette Portrait as my birthday present .

 The machine comes with the pc software for your graphic Design studio and a free $10.00 download card to spend in their online store (worth about £5.85) it is the smaller of the two machines but unless you have a A3 printer there is no need for the larger Cameo as this one does everything the other one can do. the set up is plug in, download your software from the disc and off you go!!

These Churches are my first attempt at a 3D project from their on line store/library, the 2 templates cost 59p each , 1 for the body of the church and the other the window arches and roof , They have all been decorated with flowers and bows and placed on two square bases edged with a Martha Stewart punch border, (the hearts around the doorway are the waste from the borders) the happy couple I bought from ebay (3 for 99p) and the plastic dome box is from Scary Marys Flower Vase kit


Each Church has been decorated differently as to appeal to everyones tastes , The pink one (below) was the first to be made and has less on it as ideas came along with each one as they were made.

All the windows have patterned acetate behind, which gives a nice effect , I think this design would also work well with a battery operated tea light inside but haven't tried this yet .

The purple church has a pattened paper roof which I think looks lovely , and when I make more I will probably do this again 
   They will sit nicely on my Craft Stall/Tent in July and hopefully they will bring many people in to have a look round at the other cards and gifts too.

Thanks for popping by xx

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