Saturday, 27 October 2012

O Christmas Tree,

Here's something different from my craft room
 A 3D Christmas Tree made from Spellbinders dies
using a range of different sized die cuts I have stacked this lot up 15 layers high!!

The photo doesn't do it any favours as it's much more glittery and sparkly in real life than it appears here.

 You will need
Spellbinders dies
Persian motifs
Moroccan motifs
Floral Doily motifs
Ironworks Accents
Snowflake Pendant
Marianne Snowflake die
Double sided tape
Gold, silver and red Holographic card
White card
250 gsm Green card
Red and purple stickle's
Glitter glue
Stampendous Silver halo glitter
Orange organza ribbon
A 5'' kebab stick
Tim Holts Pine Needles Distress inkpad
Penny Black 'Beautiful Season' Wooden Stamp

Step 1
First take some thick green card around  and cut out all the circle spellbinders shapes using a Grand Calibur or Cutterbug machine I have cut 15 shapes in all but some have doubled up on as I liked their shape and thought they worked well in this project . make a small hole in the centre of each one and push on to a kebab stick . I decorated my tree after it was assembled but you may like to decorate yours before you do this and leave to dry over night as I think it may be easier . I ,however, have no patience and build my tree first.
Start at the bottom with the largest die cut and graduate up to the smallest at the top and glue the base of each one as you go.

Step 2
Decorate your tree if you haven't already done so
 I used Stickles and Stampendous Halo Glitter on mine covering it with dots ,and added a gold star at the top. Stampendous Gold and Silver Halo Glitter in my opinion is the most sparkiest on the market at the moment and can be found over at the J and C Creations Website. add some orange ribbon.

Step 3
when the tree is decorated you can then mount it onto some card . I did this by  cutting 2 large Persian motifs dies, one in silver and one in green and mounting those on some more card, making a small hole in it and gluing it in . Then that was placed on some matt and layered red and gold card for the base. To make the 'presents' under the tree I made 7 small boxes from holographic card and decorated with ribbons . I used the little ties you get in a new jumper that stops it slipping off the clothes hanger, I always cut these out so they don't show when I wearing it and as you know we crafters never throw anything away!!!! I used my 'hougie board' to make the little boxes, they are very easy, just score 5 even sized squares across and 4 down , bit like a crossword puzzle and then fold them up into little boxes. Stick them together with DS Tape then wrap some ribbon round. job done!!

Step 4
When you have made your 'presents' glue them under the tree and sprinkle some Halo glitter around them to hide the joins.

Step 5
make an Acetate box to put your tree in to protect it from enquiring hands and sticky fingers!! Decorate the lid with a sentiment I used a Penny Black Stamp 'Beautiful Season' on a white Persain die cut and a Tim holts Pine Needles green ink pad to colour it

This would make a nice decoration to put out during the festive season or could just be a gift or keepsake to a friend and this tree wont lose its needles or take up a lot of room .

Every item highlighted above can be found at the
J and C Creations website so why not pop along and have a look at all the fabulous goodies on offer including the new ranges of stamps and dies for Christmas or pop along and meet the girls at their Grand Extravaganza Day on Sunday 18th November
10-4pm at their warehouse in Maidstone.

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  1. This is FANTASTIC. Your creativity fascinates me and I will be an avid follower. I can see I'll be spending a lot of time here as your attention to detail is what I, new to the craft of card making, strive for. I especially appreciate that you show HOW you do what you do!

    My husband and I ride his Honda VTX1800. I learned to ride years and years ago but don't do it anymore - I ride on the back of his now. :) Nice to meet you!


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