Monday, 11 November 2013

Bad to the Bone....

Just thought I'd share with you some Crackers I made last month for the local dog Show/Charity using the tonic Christmas Cracker die, I think it fantastic and had so much fun playing with it in my little craftroom. I'm guessing I put off posting this as I hoped to have pictures from the event too but alas the weather cancelled yet another great day out and so it became a non-event in the end.  

Luckily I have a great number of friends who are as pet crazy as I am and so I managed to find homes for all of the 30 large and small crackers I had made for the dog show.

As you can see the Crackers feature our little mate Barkley and friends , seems an obvious choose for a topper and they have been decorated with gold parcel ribbon and glitter . inside the larger ones you will find a 'Bonio bone' biscuit and the smaller ones all contain doggie 'milk biscuit bones' I even did a box of 6  for Ruby's trainer at dog school for her new beagle puppy...

If you would like to know how to extend you crackers to twice their size as the original die only makes the about  6 inches I found this really helpful tutorial over at DipsDesigns which shows you how to ... comes in handy when you want something larger to fit in your cracker!!

Thanks for popping by , come again soon xx

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