Monday, 2 July 2012

When they fly the nest.....

Well it finally happened, my beloved 28 year old daughter Lisa has moved out and is now sharing a flat with her best friend and her crazy  cat. The transition was smoother than expected as she had been dropping stuff over at the new place for a few weeks before she even broke the news to us.  After the initial sadness (which lasted at least 10 minutes) had subsided, the madness of moving house in house began. First there was her old room to clean and her new room (6 miles away)to decorate, guess who got that job!! you would think when they leave you are released from such chores... no, it seems if you can hang wall paper you can come over to the new place and check it out and then of course they say  'oh by the way mum how do you hang wallpaper???'  Then there was her old room to paint as youngest daughter didnt care much for older Sister's tastes. That took care of the weekend. Eventually the girls were content and I could marvel over the wonderous sight that was the empty Box-room.
 My Box-room!!
So out again with the paper stripper , 3rd times a charm they say.. At this point hubbie took pity on me and decided to help, bless him. walls cleaned woodwork painted and wallpaper's up and floors are down. 4 days later the loft is cleared and paper, paint, and stamps have travelled the 10 yards downstairs, from cricut to clear acetate everything is moved in and I'm in my own little piece of heaven.

No more cold winters in a draughty attic or sweltering hot summers without a window to open, no more running up and down the loft ladder like a rat up a drain pipe every time the door bell rings!!! my own little craft room/office with natural daylight and central heating, o joy of joys!!! So it was all worth it in the end, The girls are delighted with their new rooms, my crafty stash and the Pc all fits though rather snuggly into the little room and the 'old man' gets to watch TV in peace while the 'missus' crafts away till the late hours. And the 'cherry on the cake 'I couldn't afford a new desk for the room and grandmas old dining table was looking rather tatty after 40 years of service but one of Pauls 'moments of  brilliance' hit when he suggested jokingly 'why not cover it with the left-over laminate flooring...' result clean, new table surface to work on. (The pegs are off it now, its stuck firmly to the old one.) The mans a genius just dont tell him I said that .

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  1. Oh wow. It looks wonderful ....and so tidy. Will it stay that way do you think?


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