Monday, 4 February 2013

Eleanor Ballarina Tutorial... 'Angelica and Friends'

 I do hope you have all been watching the Create and Craft TV channel today and enjoying the 'Angelica and Friends' 4 Day Deal from Crafters Companion

Sara Davis has very kindly decided to do a giveaway over on her blog, check it out, you may win a sample card from her stash!!!

Here's a box card I made for the show and a tutorial on how to recreate it xx

Angelica Ballerina Box Card

You will need
4 x A4 Centura Pearl Card
Plain white, /silver mirror card, plain and patterned yellow card
Spectrum Noirs Alcohol pens
2 x 12’’ length White ribbon
Embossing folder
Silver glitter glue
Crafters Companion Spray and Sparkle
Crafters Companion Handbag and box board
Spellbinders floral Oval die      
Template on scrap paper 119mm x150mm

Step 1
 First take an A4 piece of Centura Pearl card and cut to the measurements 160mm x295mm and then score a line at 125mm and 145mm and then again at 272mm. You should now have a long card blank with 4 panels , The larger panels are the front and back and the skinny ones are the sides  When this is done fold your card it should look like a rectangle with open ends.

Step 2
Cut a rectangle, 150mm x 119mm in White Centura Pearl  (This is where your scrap template comes in) and emboss through an embossing folder of your choice, I used a  ‘Regal’ M-bossibilities on this project but any embossing folder with  a repeating pattern will work just fine. When this is done matt and layer this card onto some silver mirror card giving it a 2mm border around it. When this is done, matt this onto the 3rd panel of your card blank, remembering to insert your ribbon tie under it before sticking it down. This is your front panel of your box card

Step 3
Colour your image with your Spectrum Noirs, I used CT1, CT2, CT3, CT4 for the dress, TN9. TN8, GB7, F3 for the hair and F2, F3, F6 for the skin and LG1 for the outline.
When you have coloured your image, cut this out using an oval template, make the size just smaller than your spellbinders die, matt this onto a Spellbinder die-cut shape cut from yellow patterned paper and mount onto the front panel, decorate around the oval with your glitter glue and decorate your ‘ballerina’s tu-tu  and headband with some iridescent glitter then leave to dry completely. Add your sentiment onto a small floral Oval die cut and add to the corner. I used to ‘waste’ stars to decorate around my Ballerina

Step 4
 Emboss 2 strips for the sides of your box in Centura Pearl and matt onto some silver mirror card and decorate your side panels then cut another large panel for the back 119 x 150mm  (use your template) , emboss and matt onto silver again and mount on back, again first inserting the end of your ribbon before you stick it down. That’s the box cover completed.

Step 5
Use your template and score a rectangle in the middle of a piece of A4 Centura Pearl card. Then Score a 3cm border around this twice, cut out the corners to create tabs so your Card resembles the picture to the right. When this is done crease your folds then cut an oval aperture in the centre rectangle and fold and glue 3 out of the 4 sides. Use wet glue for this, when making boxes it’s always better than tape as that sometimes comes unstuck and you don’t want that!!  Leave one end open to insert the background.

Step 6
When your box insert is dry, using your template again, cut yourself another 119 x150mm rectangle and emboss this with the patterned embossing folder and insert into the box. Glue the background in, Close the end up and glue shut and leave to dry. When this was dry, I glued it onto the inside of my box cover.

Step 7
Take your Crafters Companion handbags and boxes board and use the ‘cloud’ shapes and dry emboss them. Starting with the largest and emboss onto plain white card, the next largest onto yellow card and the smallest onto Centura Pearl. Cut out the shapes and run through the patterned embossing folder and then mount onto a spellbinders oval die-cut and decorate the edges with silver glitter glue. When this is completely dry, glue it inside the box insert pictured above in step 6.

Step 8
Take your image of Angelica in her Ballerina costume and colour and decoupage 3 layers. I also sprayed Angelica’s Tutu with some Crafters Companion Spray and sparkle to give it a subtle glittery look, and then I mounted onto the top of the ‘clouds’.
Step 9
 Finish your box inset by cutting out some pretty corner dies using Centura Pearl white card and gluing them on the top of the box inset, just over hanging the aperture. When this is dry, you can tie a bow with your ribbon and the card is finished.



Created by Tracey Anne xx


  1. Ooooh Tracey this is so beautiful. Thanks so much fot the tutorial, will be bookmarking this one, I love it, from a fellow CC DT Designer!
    Debbie x

    1. Thanks Debbie, I blogged it for meg last week but then some of my samples bit the dust via Royal Mail, thought this was one of them, but it popped up with leanne this afternoon on Create and Craft, whoopppeee!

  2. Wow! this is so nice! Thanks for sharing!

    i nominated you for a Liebster Award!


  3. wow!!! Thanks Kelli, That's fantasic news , wish I could spend more time blogging but I'm so busy right now with design teams, I never have any time spare at the mo.

    Glad you liked the Tutorial, I thought the finished box had come a cropper in the post, due to a rubbish postman, but it turns out it made it to CC as It popped up on a show today!!


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