Friday, 12 April 2013

Big Wind Day - April 12

On  a cold morning back in April 1934 , 3 weather Surveyors at the Mt Washington observatory, New Hampshire, America, recorded the strongest  velocity of a  natural wind ever to be known on the planet Earth. Gusts reached speeds of  231 miles per hour and went down in the history books as The big Wind and is commemorated on this day every year.

Not to be confused with the Night of the Big Wind which was a hurricane which swept without warning across Ireland beginning in the afternoon of 6 January 1839, causing severe damage to property and several hundred deaths; 20% to 25% of houses in north Dublin were damaged or destroyed, and 42 ships were wrecked.The storm was tracked eastwards to the north of Ireland, bringing winds gusts of over 100 knots (185 km/h, 115 mph) to the south before moving across the north of England and onto the European continent where it eventually died out. At the time, it was the most damaging Irish storm for 300 years.

The closest thing I remember to a hurricane was the night of October 1987, The storm raged all night as my hubby and I watched from our flat we saw a neighbour's shed door fly past our window , that happens you might think but not when you live on the 6th floor of a tower block!! That was when we decided the children might be happier sleeping in our bed farthest away from the glass. Seven Oaks in Kent became Two Oaks and most of the buses couldn't run that day due to the amount of trees laying in the road!! Mr Fish the BBC weatherman did look daft the following day after telling everyone the evening before that the rumours of an incoming hurricane were greatly exaggerated!! Quote ; Earlier on today, apparently, a woman rang the BBC and said she heard there was a hurricane on the way; well, if you're watching, don't worry, there isn't, but having said that, actually, the weather will become very windy, but most of the strong winds, incidentally, will be down over Spain and across into France  he is now infamous for the statement broadcast that night.  The highest gusts were measured at 130 mph and the most damage was believed to be in the Isle of Wright where Sanddown Pier was ripped by huge waves into 3 pieces and lots of properties damaged beyond repair!!

  On a cheerier note, here's today's Card   x

Items used
6'' Card blank
Bildmarna Minmosa Fruit Basket 
Green Pearls Embellishments
Green Card
Yellow core'odinations card
Embossing folder
Fancy Square Die
 Doily, paper flowers

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