Thursday, 18 April 2013

Jewellery box - Faerie poppets and Angel whispers....

Morning folks

I thought you might like to see what else I've been up to the last few weeks with the fabulous Faerie poppets CD from Crafters Companion. This time its a little bit bigger than a card, I've 'upcycled' a cheap jewellery box with the toppers and backing papers from the CD and and it should be popping up in the shows next week on Create and Craft TV. (That's assuming it survived the journey by Royal mail to CC HQ.)

This is a cheap balsa wood jewellery box picked up from a local garden Centre for £2.50 and its been covered with images and backing papers from the Faerie poppets CD . You could use an old one or any box that will take a water based glue on it.
It was quiet easy to make, if you would like to give it a go, you will need the following

A cheap wooden jewellery box. (new or old)
Crafter's Companion Faerie poppets CD Rom
Ribbon and lace
Wet glue
Silver mirror card
White pearls
Silver border peel offs

Step 1

Unscrew the hinges on the back and the clasp on the  front of the box and put somewhere safe,  when your box is covered you will need to put them back on again . My little box also had a sliding hinge on the side for the lid, they all have to come off for you to decorate.

Step 2
Cover your box with a backing paper of your choice  from the CD. Print off some backing paper and cut to size. I choose a pretty pink one, cut the strips for the sides and glue on. I used my Collall glue as it is an all purpose and ideal for this job.
  If the corners of your paper are overlapping you can always 'sand 'them down gently when they are dry but not before as the paper may tear. I also used the same paper to line the trays inside the box. Don't forget to mark on the box where the hinge and clasp go.

Step 3
Print out your image from your Crafter's Companion Faerie Poppets CD Rom for your box topper and mount these onto silver mirror board. Flip the topper over and on the underside now add your pretty lace around the edge and then some double side foam pads to cushion your topper onto your wooden box. Flip over and stick to top of box

Step 4

Print off the images from the CD you wish to decorate the sides with, to copy this box you will need to print off 10 images 3 each for the front and back and 2 each on the sides. Mount onto mirror card and then glue onto your wooden box using your wet glue. I found a set of six in the toppers section and printed off 2 sheets of those.There are loads of toppers to choose from and if you are clever you should be able to resize them to fix any box you are trying to decorate

Step 5
Trim the edge of the box with some ribbon , I used some sparkly glitter ribbon I had in my ribbon stash, and added some pearls to the corners.

Step 6
   Decorate the inside of your box with matching backing paper and lace. when you have done this you can then put the hinges and locking clasp back onto your box.

This project took a couple of hours to complete with drying time but I think the end result was worth it. I hope you like it xx

And don't forget to watch Create and Craft TV, Friday 12 noon for the 'PICK OF THE WEEK' with Leann and all the gang xx

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