Thursday, 9 May 2013

New addition to the family

Morning folks,

 just a quick post to introduce you to the newest member of the family..

This is Ruby (formally known as Taffyta) , A westie terrier x (crossed with a toilet brush by the looks of her coat ) She is 14 weeks old (only 9 weeks in Photo, (Right)) and was a rescue puppy from our local dogs home .

 She was bought in with her brothers and sisters to Foal Farm Animal Rescue Centre at  Biggin Hill, Kent, as part of an unwanted litter at 9 weeks old  and has been there since then , All her siblings went to new homes quite quickly but for some reason which we can't work out, no one seemed to want her !!! we just went up to 'Foal' for a visit and to look around as we thought it may be time to start 'thinking' about having another pooch and found her there . All alone in her kennel!!

she has been with us for 2 weeks now, though I feels like a lifetime and she has her paws well under the table as well as wrapped round our hearts. Her favourite things are Pigs ears, brooms, mops and doggy treats,and she hates the hoover and the bath , she is everything a dog should be!!

 We have given her the nick name 'Wreck it Ralf' because if she can get it, she will chew it!!!! and we are still puppy- proofing the flower beds as no matter what little fences we put up to stop her, she gets through it to dig up the blubs, Snails and Stones! She sleeps in our room in a cat box which she loves and is so intelligent, all ready she has wrapped 'Daddy' round her little paw!!


 If there is a heaven for dogs,
I'm sure Spike is looking down and smiling, and thinking ' Go on girl , give that blooming cat a run for it's money!!!! ,he he' x



  1. LOVE HER. You will be just like Dorothy...and her little dog too.

  2. Awwwwww....She is gorgeous!!!! SUch a sweety!!!


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